As standard, we deliver our products packaged in eco-friendly folding boxes made of cardboard or corrugated board.

In order to ensure efficient automated assembly and subsequent soldering of our components, WECO offers various component packaging systems, such as:

These carrier tapes on reels are suitable for most SMD and THR components. They feature blisters and are sealed with a cover film,

WECO offer reels in different widths of 24 mm, 32 mm, 44 mm, 56 mm, 72 mm or 88 mm.

WECO also offers trays as another option for automated component assembly.
The flat trays feature component pockets, they are stackable and ensure sufficiently large component supply.

Bar magazines
Our 550 mm bar magazines have various geometries which are tailored to the individual component size and shape. Both magazine ends are closed with a plug that is easy to remove.
Delivered in cardboard folding boxes, bar magazines are easy to unpack.

When assembling components from tape-on-reels or trays, the placement head vacuum-picks the component from the tape or the tray, verifies the position by means of a camera system, calculates angle and position offset to the nominal position and places the component onto the PC board. After all components have been placed, a conveyor system transports the assembled PC board downstream.

All three component packaging types use anti-static materials to avoid problems with electrostatic discharges (ESD).