Other options

Moulding colours
WECO offers a multitude of various moulding colours.
In addition to our standard colours charcoal grey, black, vermilion and natural other moulding colours are also possible.

Please contact us for further information, we look forward to assisting you.

Standard colours
Charcoal grey
(similar to RAL U706)
(similar to RAL 9011)
(similar to RAL 2002)
Special colours
Red orange
(similar to RAL 2001)
Heather violet
(similar to RAL 4003)
Zinc yellow
(similar to RAL 1018)
Brilliant blue
(similar to RAL 5007)
Yellow green
(similar to RAL 6018)
Light grey
(similar to RAL 7035)
(similar to RAL 9010)

We use standard slotted-head screws for our products.

Upon inquiry and specific customer request, we also offer screws with Phillips/Pozidriv or +/- screw heads.

Other materials:
Our products are predominantly equipped with steel screws.
Upon request, screws made of alternative materials, such as brass, are also available.