Coding systems

Coding element 120-K
Coding elements 120-K can be used for the conecta series 110, 120, 121, and 122.
All pin strips and plug connectors of those series (except for series 110, please refer to coding examples) feature one trapezoidal coding groove per pole, in which the coding elements can be inserted.
This simple solution guarantees error-free plugging.
In their standard design, coding elements are of bright red colour making them clearly visible in plugged condition. Alternatively, they are also available in light grey and white. Red and light grey versions are delivered in strips of 12 coding keys. White coding elements are delivered loosely in a bag.

Part number Type Colour PU
20.496.025 120-K/12 KODIEREL. red 120
17.496.025 120-K/12 KODIEREL. LG lightgrey 120
30.496.026 120-K/01-HT-WS-KOD.EL. (Lose) white 100

Usable with:
Plug connectors: 120-A-.., 120-D-.., 120-F-..
121-A-.., 121-C-.., 121-D-.., 121-F-..
122-A-.., 122-D-.., 122-F-..
Pin strips: 110-M-.., 110-P-.., 110-S-.., 110-V-..

Coding examples:
As standard, terminal strips of series 110 come with coding elements, which can be cut off, if necessary. The pin strips feature slots to accommodate coding elements 120-K.

110-M-211/08 with 2 coding elements and 2 x 110-A-111/04 with cut off coding elements.
Plug connectors and terminal strips of series 120, 121 and 122 feature grooves to attach coding elements 120-K. Upon request, fixed-coded plug connectors are available. For such plug connectors and pin strips, the coding element geometry is formed by the injection moulding.
120-M-211/08 and 2 x 120-A-111/04; each provided with coding elements

Coding keys 130-CP
Coding keys 130-CP for plug connector 130-P come in our standard colour charcoal grey and are delivered loosely in a bag.

Part number Type Colour PU
10.496.030 130-CP KODIERPLAETTCHEN. grey 100

Usable with:
Plug connectors: 130-P-..

Coding examples:
Plug connectors 130-P-.. are designed for direct PC board connection. They feature grooves between the plug connections which serve as a receptacle for the coding key 130-CP and are available with single- or double-sided closed walls. For the coding, the PC board is equipped with slots in the corresponding positions.

PC board with corresponding slots and 2 x 130-P-024/04 with coding keys.

Coding keys ISO-900-K
Coding keys ISO-900-K are used for the coding of our tab connectors 900 series.
Depending on the pitch, tab connector strips feature minimum one empty pole cavity between each corresponding tab connector. This cavity can house coding key ISO-900-K, thus allowing for coding in insulating sockets with latching hooks.

Part number Type Colour PU
10.496.021 ISO-900-K KODIERPLAETTCHEN gey 100

Usable with:
Tab connector: Series 900
Insulation sockets: ISO-900

Coding example:
Tab connector 900-SUN-MIX2/06-KOD

Tab connector 900-SUN-MIX2/06-KOD

Coding keys 110-AP
Coding keys 110-AP for types 110-AP-211 and 110-FP3-211 are white and available as continuous strings for individual cutting off.

Part number Type Colour PU
10.496.028 110-AP KODIERPLAETTCHEN white 100

Usable with:
Plug connectors: 110-AP-211, 110-FP3-211

Coding example:
DiePlug connectors for direct PC board connection use the grooves between plug connections as receptacles for coding keys 110-AP.
For this purpose, the PCBs are equipped with slots in the corresponding positions.

PC board with corresponding slots and 2 x 110-AP-111/04 with coding keys