Product Highlight
Minor improvements result in major benefits for our customers
Example: 970-DS/03-VR
At WECO, we consistently strive to improve our proven standard products with respect to safety and handling. We proactively respond to challenging market demands with small geometry changes thereby increasing the value we bring to our customers.

That is why we offer some of our standard terminals with extended wire insertions. On customer specific design 970 series, we extended the intermediate fins and raised the upper housing edge over the clamping point thus increasing contact safety distinctly. All this was achieved by minor mould adjustments with minimal additional costs for our customers.

Data sheet for 970-DS/03-VR
Alternatively to modifications of the housing mould, it is also possible to extend the ribs with an ultrasonic-welded cover thus offering superior conductor guidance through a larger bottom surface and slightly conical sides.

Series 158-A and 159-A are another example for a successful product modification through extension.
In standard design, the -111 version is already extended laterally and below the wire insertion. The slanted surfaces around the wire insertion allow the user quick and easy guidance of the conductor to the clamping point.
With the modification of version -211, we have taken the product improvement even a step further. We not only extended the size of the conductor insertion guide, but doubled the size of the screw guidance thus significantly improving contact safety. The U-shaped conductor insertion guide allows for quick and easy wire insertion even when the point of insertion is obstructed by the mounting device and not visible.

Data sheet for 158-A and 159-A series
These are only three examples of how we continuously improve our diverse range of products to enhance performance.

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