Product Change and Obsolescence Notifications

Here you can find the lastest Product Change Notofications and Products Obsolescence Notifications.

PCN = Product Change Notification
PON = Product Obsolescence Notification

Type Product / Series Replacement [R] / Alternative [A] Date Change /
PON LST-1,3x6,5
Single pins
LST-1,3x8,5 [A] 10.07.2020 10.07.2020
PON Multiple Products
Series 120-G-411
Series 120-M-217
Series 120-M-282
Series 374-STFB-DS
Series 377-STFB
Series 387-STFB
Series 440-PVC
Series 930-LC-111
Series 930-LP-111
Series 931-SLT-SMD-1,1-L4
Series 939
Series 940-PFB
Series 942-PFB
Series 943-SV-DS
Series 950-PFB
Series 950-Y-DS
Series 95-P
  06.12.2019 31.03.2020
PON Series 98..-A, BEF-98..
Cover Cap 980-A, 982-A, 983-A
Mounting pins, BEF-980, BEF-983
  26.06.2018 31.12.2018
PON Series 110-F
110-F-111, 110-F-115, 110-FP3-111, 110-FP3-211
  11.08.2016 31.07.2016
PON Series 982-(S)MF, -ML(
982-MF-2,8, 982-MF-4,8, 982-ML-2,8 +Versions with Cover (-MD), 982-SMF-2,8, 982-SMF-4,8, 982-SML-2,8
Series 983-.. [A] 05.07.2016 30.11.2016
PON Terminal heads GS & Buttress-thread slotted-post terminals
GS-1, GS-3, GS-5
  22.10.2015 22.10.2015
PON Jumper BR
BR-2,5, BR-6, BR-A-7, BR-A-8, BR-A-10
  22.10.2015 30.06.2016
PON Motor terminal boards series 1071
1071-A, 1071-B, 1071-C, 1071-D
  22.10.2015 22.10.2015
PON Insulation receptacles ISO
ISO-110-.., ISO-187-.., ISO-23-.., ISO-25-.. and ISO-250-..
respectively the versions Yellow (-PEG), Red (-PER), Black (-PES), Natural (-PPV0)
Versions in Natural (-PEN)[R] 06.10.2015 01.10.2015
PON Connecting Bridges
BR-A-14, BR-A-18
  27.07.2015 27.07.2015
PON Series 110-A-IDC   21.07.2015 21.07.2015
Change of Pick Disc
  07.07.2015 01.08.2015
Terminal head GS-0..
GS-terminal GS-0-B
  27.08.2014 31.10.2014
PON Modular double terminals
Series 604..-M, -MU, -DF
6041-DF, 6042-DF, 6043-DF, 6044-DF
6041-M, 6042-M, 6043-M, 6044-M
6041-MU, 6042-MU, 6043-MU, 6044-MU
see document 18.07.2014 18.07.2014
PON Series 313-319
313, 316, 317, 319
Mantle terminals MS [A] 09.07.2014 09.07.2014
PON Series 145-C, 146-C
  04.07.2014 31.12.2014
PCN Series 307, Series 3070
Change of housing colour
  03.06.2014 31.06.2014
PCN Inkjet
Change of marking technique
  12.05.2014 Juni 2014
PON Series 101
101-A, 101-AE, 101-B, 101-W
  28.04.2014 28.04.2014
PON ISO-900-Z ISO-900-N-7,5 [R], ISO-900-NZ [R] 27.02.2014 01.05.2014
PCN Series 323, BST
Change to inkjet printing process
  03.02.2014 01.03.2014