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Tab/screw connectors series 307 / 3070
These terminals are a combination of taband screw connector blocks. They are designed especially for mains connection of equipment and for use in many other areas, and are available in various sizes, pole numbers and types to suit individual applications. With types 307-PCM and 983-F, the tabs are arranged star-shaped; with type 3070-PCM, they are arranged parallel to each other and separated by spacers. The tabs for equipment according to DIN 46247 (also available individually, see page 45) are riveted to packets with several connections. The correct contact pressure is therefore provided as specified (e.g. according to VDE 0700, Section 28) via metal (metal riveting), so that low contact resistances are achieved. The option of variable pole configuration offers optimal combinations to suit the individual application. A maximum of six/twelve tab terminals or one screw terminal with four tab terminals per pole is possible. A mounting hole is provided at each end of the blocks. Type 307-PCF is provided only with grooved flat terminals.

Owing to the diversity of variants available, it is not possible to specify all part numbers, please ask for further details.

Note on installation:
For connections within equipment, tab connectors are provided for easy and costeffective wiring. Suitable screw terminals are available for mains connection. According to DIN 46247, tab connections with the nominal size 6,3 are also allowed for protective conductor connection in equipment.

Image Product Description Download
with tabs
307-PC /-PCM 11 mm pitch,
star-shaped arrangement of the tabs
0,75 mm² - 4 mm² / 20 - 12 AWG (depends on tab)
6 A - 25 A (depends on tab)
3070-PCM 11 mm pitch,
parallel arrangement of the tabs
0,75 mm² - 4 mm² / 20 - 12 AWG (depends on tab)
6 A - 25 A (depends on tab)
with grooved flat terminals (Screw connection)
307-PCF 11 mm pitch,
with grooved flat terminals (Screw connection)
with spring washer and washer
up to 4 mm²
32 A
11 mm pitch,
for 307-PCF and 3070-PCM
Securing pins
for cover 3070-B
307-V & 307-VS
for 307-PCF, 307-PCM and 3070-PCM
Marking strip
for tab connectors series 307, 3070