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Tab/screw connectors
These terminals are a combination of screw terminal strips and tab multi-point connectors. Some of the tab type multi-point connectors have pole markings. The different types are shown in the following sections.

Image Series Pitch Short description
Series 307 / 3070 11 mm Tab & screw connectors with a pitch of 11 mm, with parallel and star-shaped arrangement of the tabs in various versions
Series 308 11 mm Tab connector dirtibutor strips with parallel and inclined tab connectors in various Versions
Formerly series 1953 of company Metallluk.
Series 42.. / 43.. 14 mm
16 mm
Tab/screw connectors in combination of socket terminals and tab connectors
Series 97 5 mm Tab/screw connectors series as lead-out terminals
Series 98 9,52 mm
10 mm
Tab/screw connectors series as lead-out terminals with tab connection and/or screw connection