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Flat plug couplers
The 411 flat plug coupling is suited for all areas of electrical machine, vehicle, appliance and switching system construction. After the leads have been crimped, the flat plugs are plugged into the 411-S plug part and the DIN 46340 plug receptacles are plugged into the 411-B receptacle part. The index lobes of the metal parts cause them to lock into place in the casing. The flat plug coupling is then ready for use. The form of the case makes it impossible to plug the two halves together incorrectly. The pole identifiers are located on the plug openings for the metal parts.

Image Product Description Download
for plug receptacles
6 mm² / 10 AWG
411-BML for plug receptacles
with fixing joint,
only available as 2-pole-version
6 mm² / 10 AWG
for tabs
6 mm² / 10 AWG