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Tab/solder connectors
Tab/solder connector blocks are used mainly as connectors, terminals or as a grouping point in electrical equipment and motor vehicle construction.These connector blocks are available with B 2,8; 4,8 or 6,3 tab connectors in various sizes, pole numbers and variants to suit a variety of applications. We can supply tab connector blocks with two-sided push-on termination, as solder tab connectors and tab connector guide. In various types, the crimping points of the receptacles are covered. For the remaining blocks, insulation of the crimping and solder points can take place with our ISO insulating sleeves if required.

Image Series Pitch Short description
Series 401 (-LF) 12 mm Tab and solder connectors with a pitch of 12 mm and different widths of tabs
Series 404 12,1 mm Tab connector blocks with a pitch of 12,1 mm and 6,3 mm width of tabs
Series 406 / 407 1 pole Single lead distributors with tab width 6,3 mm,
single-/double connections; 2 double connections
Series 408 12,5 mm Tab connector blocks with different housing widths and differnet tabs
Series 440 12 mm Flat plug guides with tab width 6,3 mm, longer on one side

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Insulation receptacles
Insulation receptacles
different colours
for tab width 2,8 mm, 4,8 mm and 6,3 mm